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Linux Malware Scanner – AI-Bolit

There are many great tools to scan for malware within you web directory. The other alternative available other than Maldet is AI-Bolit. It is a neat tool built using PHP.

Requirement: PHP5.3 and above

SSH into your server and go to public_html directory

Download AI-Bolit scanner by using links. If you don’t have it installed, you can install it by running this command

yum -y install links

You can download AI-Bolit using the tools


Press down key and navigate to download and select AI-Bolit (General Version) then save. Press CTRL + C to exit links. Once downloaded, extract the zip folder

cd ai-bolit

move the scanner to public_html

mv ./* ../
cd ..

run the scanner

php ai-bolit.php

Once the scanning completed, you can locate scan result file in your public_html. You will be able to view the report from the web browser.

  • You may prefer to rename the file for an easy access.
  • Make sure to remove the report once you have performed the cleanup.


Check out the Video for the command line steps on how to download and run the scan.