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How to extend the cloud volume

Before extending your volume, login to the customer portal and navigate to the Cloud Platform.From there, select the region where your instance is located and select the particular instance that you want to resize.NOTE: Please make sure that your instance has been stopped before extending the volumeTo stop your instance, choose the instance you want to […]

How to resize cloud instance

IPServerOne Cloud Platform lets you do just that; with just a few clicks and a few minutes, your virtual server will be provisioned with the resources that you require to enable your applications to run smoothly at the utmost optimum level.  Before resizing your instance, login to the customer portal and navigate to the Cloud Platform.From […]

Generating a CSR with CPanel/WHM Control Panel

Step 1 – Login to Cpanel  Step 2 – Scroll down to the “Security” Section and click on “SSL/TLS“ Step 3 – Click on “Certificate Signing Request“ Step 4 – Enter all the required details and click “Generate“ Step 5 – CSR is generated and you may copy it to request for SSL 

How to create CSR in Windows server (IIS)

Step 1 : Double click on Server Certificates Steps 2 : Click on Create Certificates Request…Step 3: Enter the details required Step 4 : Select the certificate bit length, suggest to generate 2048bit Step 5 : click on the … to select the path to save the CSR, would suggest to save it to desktop and easier to […]

How to Submit a Support Ticket

Note: You or your secondary user can submit tickets, but the ticket sender will be the main contact person for the particular ticket submittedLogin to the customer portal. Navigate to the left-side menu and click Ticket Platform. Then select Open Ticket.a) Click  Ticket Platformb)Click My Support Ticket to review your previous support ticket statusc) Click Open […]

.htaccess: Create Site Redirect

There are several ways to do a page redirection, one of the effective way to redirect a page or a website is by using .htaccess file..htaccess file can be found in the “public_html” folder. If the .htaccess file is still not created yet, you can simply create the file in your public_html folder.Extra notes : […]