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How to create new database with user login in MSSQL Management Studio

1. Login to your MSSQL managment studio. 2. At the left side panel, under Security -> right click Logins -> New Login 3. Insert all the details as image. Rememeber to select SQL Authentication 4. After created the login, proceed to create Databases 5. Insert the database name, then click on “…” to assign user […]

How To Create New Database In Plesk

You can manually create a new database in Plesk by following the steps below. Step 1 – Login into Plesk10 Step 2 – Click on “Databases”.   Step 3 – Click on “Add New Database”.. Step 4 – Depending on the web application you are going to use, select the type of database you need. […]

How to change database table engine types in phpMyAdmin

1. Log into your hosting control panel if you do not know how to access to the mysql database phpMyAdmin page.For plesk users, log into the control panel and go into Database under the Applications & Services category. This will bring you to the page below, where you need to click on the small icon […]

Backup MSSQL database with MSSQLDump:

1) Download MSSQLDump from Place the MSSQLDump file into C:\X3) Go to command prompt and change the directory to C:\X4) Run the command MSSQLDump -S localhost -U database_username -P database_password -D database_name -O database_backup.sql -createtable -insertdataMSSQLDump -S localhost -U database_username -P database_password -D database_name -O database_backup.sql -createtable -insertdata

How to generate MSSQL Server backup?

You can use 3rd party tool like:Microsoft SQL Server Database Publishing Wizard 1.1 the following is a newer way to backup:

Microsoft SQL server error 916:

If you receive following error while using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008:The server principal “username” is not able to access the database “dbname” under the current security context. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 916)Solution:In Object Explorer, click databasesDisplay “Object Explorer Details” (F7) or “View –> Object Explorer Details”Right click the column headers and deselect “collation”Refresh […]

MSSQL (Microsoft SQLServer) ConnectionString in ASP/

SQL ODBC connection strings:Standard Security "Driver=; Server=Your_Server_Name; Database=Your_Database_Name; Uid=Your_Username; Pwd=Your_Password;""Driver=; Server=Your_Server_Name; Database=Your_Database_Name; Uid=Your_Username; Pwd=Your_Password;" SQL OLE DB connection strings: "Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=; Initial Catalog=Your_Database_Name; UserId=Your_Username; Password=Your_Password;""Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=; Initial Catalog=Your_Database_Name; UserId=Your_Username; Password=Your_Password;" SQL SqlConnection .NET strings: "Server=; Database=Your_Database_Name; UserID=Your_Username; Password=Your_Password; Trusted_Connection=False""Server=; Database=Your_Database_Name; UserID=Your_Username; Password=Your_Password; Trusted_Connection=False" SQL SqlConnection for SQL 2008: "Provider=SQLNCLI10; Server=; Database=database_name; UId=user_id; Pwd=password;""Provider=SQLNCLI10; […]

How to connect to MSSQL Server with MSSQL Management Studio?

Connecting to the SQL server via SQL Management Studio is possible. For example, your domain name is , All you need to do is:Login to Plesk with your domain name, and the passwordGo to Database, Create a new database & Database user and passwordPlease take note on the username & password which you […]