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Why I keep getting a notifications for brute force attacks from Directadmin

What is brute force attack?Brute force attack is a method to discover a password by systematically trying every possible combination of letters, symbols and numbers until it found the correct combination that works.Brute force is not something that can be stop completely, but with some counter measures taken such as enabling captcha, brute force monitoring, […]

Protection Against Brute Force Attacks (Fail2Ban)

IP address banning (Fail2Ban) is an automated way to protect your server from brute force attacks. Fail2Ban uses regular expressions to monitor log files for patterns corresponding to authentication failures and other errors that are considered suspicious.If an IP address makes too many login attempts within a time interval defined by the administrator, this IP […]

How to install Fail2ban in Linux Centos

Installation Steps:Step 1 : Install the repo :Centos 6 (32 bit) :# rpm -Uvh 6 (64 bit) :# rpm -Uvh 5 (32 bit) :# rpm -Uvh 5 (64 bit) :# rpm -Uvh 2 : Install the package using YUM:# yum install fail2banBasic setups for fail2ban configurations:The fail2ban application’s configuration file is located […]