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How To Enable/Disable Directory Listing Using .htaccess

When accessing any directory (example: that does not have an index file, all the available folders and files in that directory will be shown. To enable directory listing, you need to add a line of code into .htaccess and place it in your public_html folder.   Step 1 – Login into your web server […]

How To Set HAProxy Load Balance Using Session Cookie

Step 1: Locate the HA Proxy config file and execute the following command using your web server’s SSH terminal. vi /etc/haproxy.cfgvi /etc/haproxy.cfg   Step 2: Edit the configuration file by adding the following codes. listen http_proxy mode http balance roundrobin cookie SERVERID insert indirect nocache server web1 check cookie server web2 check […]

How To Edit AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed Value In Plesk

AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed property specifies the maximum number of bytes allowed in the entity body of an ASP request. If a content length header is present and requires an amount of data greater than the value of AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed, IIS may return a 403 error response.You may also experience cases when an uploaded file is not present despite […]

How to do Print Screen/Screenshot?

For Microsoft Windows Users:Step 1. Press the “print screen button” on your keyboard as the picture below: 1.1. For Desktop Users: 1.2 For Laptop Users: Step 2. Paste the print screen into the Paint Software 2.1. Press on Start icon -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint 2.2. Paste the print screen by pressing “Ctrl” […]

How to upload files using Filezilla client (Windows)?

Step 1: Open filezilla ClientNote: You can download the FileZilla client from Client Download.Step 2: Fill in the FTP host, username and password, then click on “Quickconnect”, it will show as the picture above.Panel 1. local PC directory Panel 2. hosting server directory Panel 3. files inside local PC particular directory Panel 4. files inside hosting […]