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All About SPF Records and How to Manage it

Sender Policy Framework, also abbreviated as SPF. SPF is a framework designed to prevent email phishing/forgery. With SPF, if a spammer attempts to send emails with a faked “from” address, the message will be rejected by mail servers that use SPF verification. An SPF record is a single TXT entry in the DNS for each domain. […]

How to verify if your internet IP is blacklisted

If you find that your email fails to be sent to a particular domain, it is possible that the IP address of your mail server is blacklisted. To verify if your IP is blacklisted, here are some steps you can do to check: First, go to to check what is your IP address. Copy […]

What is the impact of using weak email password

Did you ever encounter error 535 Incorrect authentication when you’re trying to send mail in webmail? Have you ever felt weird that you are able to log into the webmail but unable to send mail with the error “Incorrect Authentication”? Most of this case would be cause by weak password that you are using.