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Mail Server Settings for Email

The mail server settings is very important for your email client to communicate with your mail server successfully.For clients who are using our shared hosting services, you may refer to the below mail server settings (*kindly note the below mail server is just as an example for this guideline. You need to put your own […]

Emails Disappearing in Outlook: Junk Filtering

Sometimes, after reading an email in Outlook, you may find that the email disappears. This is likely caused by the spam filter in Outlook moving emails to the junk folder. If you don’t have a junk folder, it’s because it’s not subscribe to by default.Turning off junk filtering will resolve this issue. The guides below […]

How to configure smartermail email in iPhone device

Step 1 : Open your phone SettingsStep 2 : Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings. Step 3 : Select Add Account under Mail, NotesStep 4 : A list of account types appear. Select Other.Step 5 : Next, select Add Mail Account.Step 6 : At the new account settings, insert the account name which you’ll recognize it as […]

How to Setup Emails using IMAP on Android

1. Go to settings page and select on the Add Account tab.Step 2 : Select on the IMAP account to add.3. Select Manual Setup.4. Insert the full email address as the username, then incoming server name as mail.<>. Replace <> with your domain name. eg. mail.example.comSelect None as the security type and use port 143. […]