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How to modify DNS for MYNIC Domain

1. First login to MYNIC Portal2. Register your Mobile phone number on the Mynic Portal if you haven’t done it before, in order to receive TAC code from Mynic.3. At upper tab, Go to ‘Domain Name’ –> ‘Modify Domain’.4. Type the domain into [Domain Name] tab, and choose your correspond [Domain Extension].5. Search Result will […]

How To Unlock Your Domain From GoDaddy

Step 1:  Log on o to Godaddy, go to My Account.   Step 2: Click Domain Launch button.   Step 3: Click domain name.   Step 4: Click Manage in Domain Information Locked area.   Step 5: Unchecked Lock domain(s) option, then click OK.   Step 6: Your domain is successfully unlocked. Click OK.   Step 7: Make sure that your […]

How To Disable Whois Privacy in GoDaddy

Step 1:  Log on o to Godaddy, go to My Account. Step 2: Click Domain Launch button. Step 3: Click domain name. Step 4: Click Manage in Domain Enhancements Privacy area. Step 5: New popup window will come out, please insert your login information. Please note that this login information is different than your Godaddy login information. Step 6: Click […]

How To Disable Whois Privacy From

The Whois Privacy is a service provided by the registrar which is important to protect your identity, block the unwanted personal (maybe we can call as spam) and avoid unwanted offers.To disable the Whois Privacy, here are the simple steps you need to follow:1. Log on o to, go to Account.2. Click Disable link.3. […]