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How to add a DNS zone in PDNS?

To add the DNS zone in PDNS, you will need to login to the link below :- follow the following steps :-Search for your domain :-Click on the edit button (icon next to delete image)Edit the DNS recordsClick on “Commit Changes” Article posted on 30th August 2019 by Mohammad Nadzir B Nazuwan

Getting Started: Understanding DNS Records

DNS (Domain Name System) is like an address book for the internet. What it does, is maintain a directory of domain names and the IP addresses that they are tied to.In layman’s terms, devices use IP adresses to communicate with each other over the internet. IP addresses are difficult to remember, which is why websites […]

Cloudflare SpamExpert installation

 1. Login to your cloudflare and select DNS     2. Remove all MX record, which at A record and MX record  3.  Add antispam MX record  with the details :Name : []  – 10  – 20 Priority  – 30  – 40 Priority   4. Add SPF record to allow the mailserver to use SPF record add in : […]

All About SPF Records and How to Manage it

Sender Policy Framework, also abbreviated as SPF. SPF is a framework designed to prevent email phishing/forgery. With SPF, if a spammer attempts to send emails with a faked “from” address, the message will be rejected by mail servers that use SPF verification. An SPF record is a single TXT entry in the DNS for each domain. […]

How to modify DNS for MYNIC Domain

1. First login to MYNIC Portal2. Register your Mobile phone number on the Mynic Portal if you haven’t done it before, in order to receive TAC code from Mynic.3. At upper tab, Go to ‘Domain Name’ –> ‘Modify Domain’.4. Type the domain into [Domain Name] tab, and choose your correspond [Domain Extension].5. Search Result will […]

How To Add/Change MX Records in IP Serverone PDNS

1. Login to PDNS via 2. Click on List Zones 3. Click on the listed domain / or domain of your choice.   4. Add A record for and MX record pointing to For A record ‘Content‘, you will need to fill it with your smartermail login server IP, which can be obtained […]

How To Use Custom Domain With Blogger?

If you are a blogger who wants his own domain and continue to use Blogger’s own blogging engine, you may do so by following the guide below.Step 1 – Login into your Blogger account.Step 2 – Click on “Settings” and then “Basic”.Step 3 – Click on “Add a custom domain” under “Blog Address” field in […]

How To Create New DNS Zone File In Plesk

If you are experiencing the following issues:1) Domain name DNS zone file record in Plesk is not working.2) DNS zone file is not found in the Plesk DNS zone folder.3) The issue is not resolved after restoring it to default settings. To solve the aforementioned issues, you need to recreate a DNS zone. Step 1 – Search […]

How to Use Google Public DNS on PC

Google Public DNS is the preferred DNS and is known for being fast, accurate and no restriction.Step 1 – Navigate to Control Panel  >>  Network and Internet  >> Network and Sharing Center  >>  Change Adapter Settings.Step 2 – Select the connection that you want to configure Google Public DNS.For example:– To change the settings for […]