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How To Declare For Equipment Installation/Removal During Data Center Visitation

REMEMBER! You are required to fill up 1) Visitation Request and 2) Equipment Declaration Form if you want to make a visitation to install/remove equipment. Select the purpose of the visitationSelect the data center, rack, date of visitation and request time inProvide the assignee’s name, ID numberProvide the assignee’s email address, mobile number and designationTo add […]

How To Install PHP1 ,PHP2 on DirectAdmin

Step 1. Login in to the DirectAdmin web interface.Step 2. Click on the Extra Features and select CustomBuild2.0.Step 3. Click on the Edit Options.Step on the drop down list to select the php version.Step 5. After the version were set, click the save to apply the setting.

How to create MySQL database on DirectAdmin

Step 1. Search for option MySQL ManagementStep 2. Click on the ‘Create New Database’ OptionStep 3. Fill the Database name, user and password.Step 4. You can create the database by clicking on the ‘Create Database’ button.Created Database will be shown at MySQL Management console.

How to Create FTP Account on DirectAdmin

Step 1. Login in to directadminStep 2. Search for the ftp accountStep 3. Click on the ‘Create FTP Account’Step 4. Insert the FTP username and enter the password accordingly.Step 5. Configure the FTP user account type and finish the configuration by click on the ‘Create’ button.Step 6. Your FTP account will be ready to use […]

Whitelisting and Blacklisting Email Addresses on cPanel

From time to time, emails can be wrongly identified by spam filters. Spam emails can make it through your spam filter undetected, and non-spam emails could be moved to your spam filter instead of your inbox. To help combat this issue, we can use the email whitelist and blacklist built into cPanel. First navigate to […]