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Sync your files / folders automatically

FiDrive which is built using NextCloud source code will be able to use NextCloud client to sync your files and folders automatically.To download the client of your choice, proceed to download the latest client from . This will direct your to the NextCloud webpage and you can proceed to [Download for desktop].Wait for the download […]

Sharing your file to another user

To share your files/folders to another user. Click on the [Sharing] icon as shown below. You can share the files/folders to specific users or just create a public share link. For User share, you can specify the user privileges on the files/folders by clicking on the ‘3 dots’ as shown below. Untick the options [Can edit] […]

Uploading your first file

To upload your file, proceed to click on the top left ‘Folder’ icon as shown below. It will redirect you to the landing page. Click on the “+” icon, and select either to [Upload file], or create a [New folder] or just create a [New text file]. Or you may also Drag & Drop your files into […]

Creating User and Assigning Group

Follow this directions to reach the users page [Top Right Icon] -> [Users] To create new user, Click on the [ New user ] and fill in the Username, Display Name, Password, and Email. Leave the Groups empty if you only want to assign them as standard user. Assign a Quota for them or leave […]

Introduction to FiDrive

What is FiDrive?FiDrive, a cloud platform where you can drag and drop your files or folders into FiDrive so you could use them as a file storage backup, or file sharing. FiDrive are developed using NextCloud as source code and re-deployed to fulfill IP ServerOne’s client needs.Below are the guides on how to use FiDrive […]

How to login to your FiDrive

Upon the successful purchase of FiDrive with IP ServerOne, you will receive login information containing your FiDrive Login URL, Username, and Password. Please do not reveal your username and password as this user contains administrator privileges. Click on your FiDrive Login URL and you will be brought to this page below.After logging in, you will […]